Top 5 Caribbean Beaches

If you’re looking for beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, consider these incredible options that made our top 5 list.

Shoal Bay Beach- This world-famous beach is one of the big attractions in Anguilla, as it has been crowned multiple times as the world’s top beach by many different organizations. The beach is two miles long with gorgeous water, and snorkeling reveals this water’s true beauty. If you’re looking for other things to do in Anguilla, check out the Heritage Collection Museum, which houses many ancient artifacts.

Palm Beach- Located on the island of Aruba which is just off the coast of South America, Palm Beach entices its visitors with beautiful palm trees and exquisite water. Many of the island’s’ resorts are along or near Palm Beach, which makes this destination perfect for tourists and locals alike. If you get hungry or need some swimwear, the Palm Beach Plaza Mall is nearby with plenty of restaurants and stores.

Pink Sands Beach- Created by coral reefs, the Pink Sands Beach is a gem on Harbour Island in the Bahamas. This beach is known for its quiet vibe, with only the occasional horseback rider or photo shoot roaming the beach. There are plenty of rental properties and hotels in the area for those who would like to stick around and enjoy this beach’s serenity.

Crane Beach- The amazing Crane Beach, which is located on the island of Barbados, is covered in pink sand is features some of the clearest water in the Caribbean. It’s also famous for the cliffs that surround it, which make the perfect backdrop for a relaxing day or a photo shoot. With its plethora of quality waves, Crane Beach is also a destination for surfers who enjoy the Caribbean lifestyle.

Horseshoe Bay Beach- Located on the island of Bermuda, Horseshoe Bay Beach features many unique rock features and crystal-clear water that rivals any other beach in the Caribbean. Horseshoe Bay Beach is also a haven for tropical fish, which makes it a real treat to snorkel and explore. There are also plenty of activities on Horseshoe Bay Beach for the sporting family, including volleyball and soccer.

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