The World’s Best First Class Airline

If you ever want to experience luxury in the form of a First class ticket you have a few options to choose from, from United, British Airways and Emirates and more.  But one airline sits atop the list when comparing all others.  The Emirates experience is nothing short of unparalleled, everything about the offering is for lack of a better word “A First Class Experience”.  Let’s take a dive into all the reasons why if you choose to take the leap and book a first-class trip why you should only be considering Emirates and nothing else.

For other airlines your trip starts when you check-in and walk into the airport, that isn’t true for Emirates.  They have a Chauffeur-drive service that will pick you up and drive you to the airport as well as take you to your final destination of choice once you land.  You can use the complimentary driving service in over 75 cities worldwide.  All you have to do is book your pickup and dropoff prior to 12 hours before your flight.  So before you even get to the airport Emirates is there serving you on your trip.  Once you get checked in you have complete access to the First class lounge access at hundreds of airports globally.  The lounges are a great place to relax and prepare to get on a long flight, with nice seating and always good food options.

Once you board the real luxury begins. You get your own space and normally 3 to 4 windows to yourself, a very large seat that is plenty wide enough and that completely converts to a lay-flat bed and storage space for personal items and the option to completely inclose your space for privacy.  The in-flight entertainment is one of the best offerings in the business.  You can choose from over 4,500 channels and movies, as well as access hundreds of Live TV options to be sure that you don’t miss any of the live sports you love.

The chief for each flight is actually on the flight and your food orders are cooked freshly on-board.  Depending on the flight you can have upwards of 10 options for food for your main course and appetizer.  At any point, you can ask for the in-flight snack or top-shelf drink combinations.  On the A380 first-class passengers have access to a spa and fully equipped bathroom that includes a shower (yes you read that right, a shower).  To use the shower all you have to do is reserve your spot once on board.

The service and help on these flights are endlessly helpful and incredibly nice.  The level of attentiveness and care that is given by the attendant staff alone would possibly warrant Emirates as the best first-class experience but ultimately it is all these things combined that make it a no brainer for your choice in first-class air travel.

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