Snorkeling in Greece

With so many beaches to choose from in Greece, how could you possibly know which one to pick? If you’re looking for answers, check out the top 4 beaches for snorkeling below.

Avlaki Beach- Located in the sleepy town of Corfu just off the coast of the border between Greece and Albania, Avlaki Beach lies in a small inlet that is surrounded by rocky peaks. While its location is not easy to get to, the beach itself is gorgeous and allows the visitor to see many beautiful fish. The area around the beach is also great for hiking, as long as you have solid footwear to handle the rocky terrain.

Bataria Beach- Also located near the Greek town of Corfu, Bataria Beach offers visitors a relaxed vibe on its small stretch of coastline. The beach is surrounded by small hills that are covered in trees and vegetation, which gives visitors the feel of having their own private beach. The shallow waters of this beach make it a safe place to snorkel, and there’s plenty of marine wildlife to discover beneath the surface.

Agios Georgios Beach- Again near the village of Corfu is the beautiful Agios Georgios Beach. With hills and mountains on all sides, the Agios Georgios Beach is a great place to relax and enjoy the scenery beyond the clear blue water. This beach is far more commercial than the other beaches near Corfu, so be prepared for additional crowds. There’s plenty to do at the Agios Georgios Beach besides snorkeling, and there are shops nearby to supply all of your beach activities.

Ammoussa Beach- Located on the island of Lefkada just off the western coast of Greece, Ammoussa Beach is the perfect place to unwind without the hassle of large crowds. The beach is surrounded by hills filled with vegetation, which truly give Ammoussa Beach a feel of peaceful isolation. The beach is also protected from the high winds and waves, which makes it ideal for snorkelers who are looking for a peaceful outing. There are also plenty of chairs and shade coverings to choose from, which is one of many reasons why this beach is near the top of our list.

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