Must see Exotic Mediterranean Islands

If you’re headed to the Mediterranean, be sure to check these three beautiful islands.

Koufonisia- Located just off the coast of Greece, Koufonisia is a small island that packs in plenty of beauty. The island measures just over 2 miles long, which makes it easily walkable despite its rocky terrain. The water off the coast of Koufonisia is incredibly clear, which helps reveal the beautiful rock formations that line the island’s beaches. The island’s most notable beach is Pori Beach, which features some of the most picturesque water in the world.

Ksamil Islands- Nestled near the southern border of Albania, the Ksamil Islands aren’t well known, but are certainly well worth a visit to capture their beauty. The four Ksamil Islands have a rocky terrain, which has created many beautiful coves and beaches. One such beach is Monastery Beach, which is surrounded by rocky cliffs and has water so clear that you can see the underwater ledge that drops off into the deep. If you’re looking for something to do besides lounging on the beach, the Ksamil Islands feature the Blue Eye Nature Preserve, a natural spring that tourists are allowed to take a dip in. Another great attraction of the Ksamil Islands is the old Greek town of Burtrint, which as since been abandoned since its prime during the Middle Ages. Burtrint features many stone buildings that have stood the test of time, which takes you back to the Middle Ages.

Porquerolles- Located off the coast of France, the Porquerolles is beautiful whether you’re on land or in the water. Dating back to the early nineteenth century, the Porquerolles is a small island with a village that is full of hills. Vehicles aren’t allowed on the island, so be prepared to either hike the island, or take one of the many bicycles that are available to rent. The best beach on the island is Courtades Beach, which blends the rolling hills of the island with its gorgeous water perfectly. Another of the island’s famous attractions is the Foundation Carmignac, which is a modern museum of art that is sure to capture your mind and heart.

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