Landmarks that are must-see

If you’re looking to go to another planet while remaining here on earth, then check out these five unique natural landmarks.

Wadi Rum- Located in the heart of the country of Jordan, Wadi Rum has been nicknamed the Valley of the Moon. With rocky plateaus above that meet the desert sands below, Wadi Rum looks like a scene from a science fiction movie or a scene out of Star Wars, which actually has seen the Wadi Rum serve as a few of its backdrops.

Fly Geyser- The Fly Geyser, which is located in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, is one of the oddest natural scenes in the known world. Be wary of touching the water that surrounds it, as its extremely hot at a temperature of nearly 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The geyser is surrounded by a water-like surface and is covered in a green substance that gives it the feel of alien activity.

The Spotted Lake- Located in a remote section of Canada, the Spotted Lake is aptly named because it is covered in spots. The lake has plenty of mineral content that has created the unique spots in the lake, but this same mineral content makes it less than ideal as a swimming destination. The many spots in the lake, along with its unique and rural location, give you the feel that you’re no longer on the planet earth.

Vajolet Towers- Nestled and soaring high above the Italian countryside, the Vajolet Towers are uniquely shaped and appear to be covered in moss when you see them in person. The Vajolet Towers look the most ominous on a night without clouds, as this allows the moon’s light to reflect off the rocky peaks and make the keen observer feel small and powerless in comparison to their might.

Painted Dunes- Located in the Lassen Volcanic National Park in California, the Painted Dunes look like lumpy marble hills that are painted in a rainbow color. This sight is one of the most unique in the world, with the occasional tree awkwardly dotting the many lumps of the Painted Dunes. Its location in northeast California is not easy to get to, but its well worth the visit just to lay eyes on this odd landmark.

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