Jamaican Bungalow Trips

  1. Sandals Royal Caribbean
    Location: Montego Bay, Jamaica
    has a touch of Britain, the Orient, and Jamaica. Not only do you get to enjoy the overwater bungalows are one-of-a-kind, with different add-ons to choose from like a glass floor, but you get your stay Influenced by British heritage. You can experience British traditions like afternoon tea and croquet. With all bungalows, you receive personalized butler service, an outdoor shower, and a patio with a swim-up platform.
    Key amenities
    Complimentary wifi
    5 bars, including swim-up bars
    Unlimited wine and food at anytime
  2. Sandals South Coast
    Location: Whitehouse, Jamaica
    has some of the same amenities and features of the Sandals Royal Caribbean resort, but with a different twist. Sandals South Coast is located on a two-mile stretch of Jamaica’s white sand beach which consists of 500-acre’s. The resort features three European villages, so you can choose which style based on your preferences and if you don’t want to be in natural water Sandals South Coast is home to Jamaica’s largest pool. As if the natural water wasn’t enough, you can also spend your days by their gigantic pool.
    As the sun goes down, head to the bonfires or sushi restaurant to enjoy the rest of your night. This must be what heaven looks like.
    Key amenities
    Complimentary wifi
    Unlimited wine and food at anytime
    3 pools & 7 bars, including swim-up bars
    Nearby Bungalows in Belize
  3. Thatch Caye
    Location: Thatch Caye, Belize off the coast of Belize. Thatch Caye’s resort is an all-inclusive resort. It’s a small resort that has a maximum of 30 guests at any time. Here, you can partake in many things like yoga, or sipping a cocktail at the bar. Thatch Caye is different from your typical resort feel, as it has everything you need, but only the necessities. You’ll have a simple vacation focusing mostly on the great outdoor environment and swimming and sunbathing
    Key amenities
    Natural saltwater pool
    Complimentary wifi, television, and phone
    Lounge with bar, lounge, coffee, and breakfast nook
  4. Little Peter Oasis
    Location: Belize City, Belize
    This is the most complete private island vacation so look no further.
    Little Peter Oasis is a 3-acre private island comfortably sleeps four and it’s spacious that a typical two-bedroom home. If you have children over the age of 10 this can be the ultimate family get away. Comes equipped with a private chef, two caretakers, and all of the sun, sand and water activities you could ever imagine.
    Key amenities
    Personal concierge
    3 home-cooked gourmet meals per day
    Wifi, air conditioning, television, and telephone

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