Eastern Europe Hidden Gems

These cities don’t tend to get all the major traffic going through their towns, but these places are very underrated and have amazing sites to be seen. Here are some must-see cities that are highly underrated

Dubrovnik, Croatia

This place mostly gets its tourists from cruise ship arrivals and other than that it relatively gets few visitors to Europe experience Dubrovnik. It is a place you need to go to view its beauty plus it being on the coast of Croatia doesn’t hurt. The stay can be very affordable as they have aq plethora of budget hotels and landmarks like the mile-long walk around the old city wall which you can purchase an audio tour guide.

Riga, Latvia

Previously was occupied for nearly a half-century by the Soviet Union it had to be rebuilt and slowly started gaining some popularity that it deserves. It was once a place people enjoyed going before the war. It is a Baltic destination and can be used to travel to other cities since the prices to stay tend to be cheaper than the others also with giving you access to wide Baltic beaches and the ability to shop for nice quality amber.

Dresden, Germany

This place has been through a slow rebuild since it was bombed often in World War II and also had serious flooding in 2002. This place hasn’t gotten a break but under all the. You can tell that this place was once a place where money was invested due to the quality of the buildings that are built.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Both Vienna and Budapest get more attention than Bratislava, Slovakia so this place is overlooked all the time due to other places not too far offer more appealing activities. some buildings displaying graffiti as it was occupied by the Soviet and its scars are still left in some areas even though the tourist accommodations isn’t on par with their surrounding cities it always offers budget accommodations and dining is easy to find here.

Warsaw, Poland

Poland’s vibrant capital city of Warsaw is an amazing place to visit so please don’t just stop at Berlin. Warsaw is well-connected to western Europe by rail so this is a great place to stay while you explore all over Europe. It offers a mid-range hotel stay and is generally affordable. Shopping for antiquities in Old Town Warsaw is a once in a lifetime experience especially if you’re coming to visit for another country and the nightlife is pretty vibrant

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