Amazing Hotels that actually exist

If you’re looking for a unique hotel experience, check out these 3 top options:

Hotel Kakslauttanen- Located in the northern end of Finland, the Hotel Kakslauttanen is a unique and gorgeous place to rest your head. The hotel is located in the midst of a wintery forest with snow covered trees, and consists of individual cabins that are made of glass and shaped like igloos. As you lay in bed, you are surrounded by a glass dome that lets you take in all of the elements except the frigid weather that lies beyond your glass walls. In true igloo fashion, there is an archway that serves as the door to your wintery cabin. At night you’re able to see the northern lights above, which makes this hotel a bucket list item you have to go see!

Ascher Cliff- Located amongst the soaring peaks of the Swiss Alps in northeastern Switzerland, the Ascher Cliff hotel provides incredible views for your guests, as long you’re not afraid of heights. Like its name suggests, the Ascher Cliff hotel sits on the literal edge of a cliff, which overlooks the picturesque valley below and other mountain peaks across the valley. The hotel also has a restaurant with patio seating, that puts you right on the edge of the cliff, with a small wooden fence for safety. This provides a perfect spot to take in the scenery while enjoying a beer or two.

Shangri La- When you envision going to Paris, several images come to mind, including eating at a French café along the boulevard, walking under the Arc De Triomphe, and visiting the Eiffel Tower. When it comes to finding a hotel to relax in, the ultimate destination would be a hotel with a view of the Eiffel Tower. With the Shangri La hotel in Paris, this dream of walking out onto your own private patio and eating breakfast under the Eiffel Tower can become a reality. The hotel also has three luxury restaurants, including the highest rated Chinese restaurant in the city of Paris. With the Shangri La, exceptional location meets the ultimate in luxury hotel living!

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