Phuket Nightlife in Soi Crocodile

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go site Phuket Nightlife in Soi Crocodile : There are prominent stages in the middle of the street, where ladyboys shake everything they’ve got (and some things that were just recently added) while cabaret dancers can often be seen posing with tourists by the street entrance. This is the most consistently busy of the bar sois on Bangla…

Harem A Go Go Phuket Nightlife

follow url Harem A Go Go Phuket Nightlife : Harem A Go Goby Suzy Wong’s is one of the best and most luxurious go-go bars in Patong among Phuket nightlife venues. Built in what used to be Candy Club, it has been completely redesigned to create a tasteful and really comfortable place. The central stage and surrounding platforms are…

Phuket Nightlife at Suzy Wong’s A Go Go

source link Phuket nightlife at Suzy Wong’s A Go Go has already become an icon in Soi Seadragon, the hottest and most colourful street of Patong Beach and has been popular for more than a decade. Suzy Wong’s is a perfect place for a truly great night of fun and party like your probably never experienced before….