Phuket Nightlife at Suzy Wong’s A Go Go


Phuket nightlife at Suzy Wong’s A Go Go has already become an icon in Soi Seadragon, the hottest and most colourful street of Patong Beach and has been popular for more than a decade.

Suzy Wong’s is a perfect place for a truly great night of fun and party like your probably never experienced before.

Legendary for featuring the most beautiful and sexy Thai girls in Patong and a great service, Suzy Wong’s prides itself for the invention of the famous “Ass Smacking Fun!”

Phuket Nightlife at Suzy Wong’s A Go Go

Once again, Suzy Wong’s has the most beautiful Thai dancers and models to entertain you all night long.
They  have many original shows available throughout the night.

So sit back, relax & let the beautiful sexy girls take care of you.

Suzy Wong’s Group is Phuket’s premier event organiser & has the Best Party GoGo’s available for hire.

Phuket Nightlife at Suzy Wong’s A Go Go

Open since 2002 Suzy Wong’s is the original “Ass Smacking Fun” concept started many years ago.

The battle is fierce in Bangla to invite by passers to have a look inside and have a good time, but Suzy Wong’s, despite being at the very end on the lane has always been more eye catchy than any other bar.

Phuket Nightlife at Suzy Wong’s A Go Go

Phuket Nightlife at Suzy Wong's A Go Go

With the Chinese red lanterns, the rickshaw and the staff wearing Chinese dresses, you can’t miss it anyway.

Phuket Nightlife at Suzy Wong’s A Go Go

phuket-suzy-wong-a-go-go, Phuket Nightlife

Don’t hesitate to step in and have a look, no bad surprise in there, prices are clearly written and bill is brought to you with each drink.

The place isn’t that large but often busy with a good party atmosphere its Phuket, not Bangkok and everyone is welcome to have a drink and a bit of fun and a story to tell once back home.

Phuket Nightlife at Suzy Wong’s A Go Go

phuket-suzy2, Phuket Nightlife

You’ll find of course the usual central stage but girls are definitely prettier than in most other places and music is good, but the main fun is the spanking!

Don’t panic yet, these are only soft foam bats making a loud noise and totally painless.

Phuket Nightlife at Suzy Wong’s A Go Go

phuket-suzy-wong-2, Phuket Nightlife

Once you start playing, it really feel like a pillow fight, just softer.

So as you walked all the way to Bangla for your Phuket Nightlife discovery trip, it’s because you actually wanted to know more about Go Go bar, so Suzy Wong’s is definitely a good place to have fun.

Phuket Nightlife at Suzy Wong’s A Go Go

Entrance is totally  FREE, all beers are at 180 Baht and Singha Light is only 99 Baht!
Your bill always comes with your drink, no overcharge, no rip off and no bad surprise.

They make sure of that and they are proud of it!



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