Phuket Nightlife in Soi Tiger


follow link Phuket Nightlife in Soi Tiger : The entire first floor of the famous Tiger Entertainment complex is a concrete cave full of go go bars and beer bars.
It is difficult to really tell where one bar ends and the next begins. At times you may forget that the Tiger complex is a series of smaller bars and may think you are in one giant bar.
There are plenty of dancing Thai girls amongst the twenty or so bars, but that is only an appetiser to the Tiger Night Club and Discotheque upstairs.

Phuket Nightlife in Soi Tiger phuket-tiger, Phuket Nightlife, v

Almost all of the bars are outdoors, so the music from each one blends into a deafening mess of sound.
Beer bars occupy most of the street’s length, with several go-go bars and a few pubs, restaurants, discos and shops rounding out the attractions, both on Soi Bangla and down its side streets.

motilium 10 mg tabletas Street performances are also common most nights, which can make dodging around the tailor shop salesmen, leaflet distributors, street vendors and ping pong show touts more difficult, but it is all part of the Phuket nightlife fun.

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toprol xl 50 mg price This is the old Tiger Disco site – from before it moved to its new signature venue – and it still carries the name and signage (though it is sometimes called “Soi Tiger 1” while the iconic disco building is “Soi Tiger 2”).

One of the few bar complexes that is completely roofed, Tiger gets pretty steamy and crowded, but is the best refuge from a sudden downpour.

Phuket Nightlife in Soi Tiger

Phuket Nightlife in Soi Tiger

The lines that divide one bar from another are pretty vague here and it sometimes feels like one huge party.

Located right on Bangla Road, Crazy Horse is always popular, as is  watch Sin City Bar.
The brightly-lit Star 69 Bar is like a go-go bar, but without the huge drink prices.

If you want to see ladyboys, head down to the end of the soi to the main entrance of click here Cocktails & Dreams Bar, come over you will enjoy Phuket nightlife.


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