Phuket Nightlife in Soi Gonzo


Phuket Nightlife in Soi Gonzo : While it was once (and may someday again be) lined with beer bars, Soi Gonzo is currently a stretch of barren street and a building site.

At the entrance is the long-running and extremely popular Aussie Bar complex while White Room Nightclub can be found at the other end.Preview

Soi Gonzo is one of the streets situated on Bangla Road in Patong Beach.
You can’t miss its entrance as it is framed by the huge and long-established Aussie Bar.

Phuket Nightlife in Soi Gonzo

white-room, Phuket Nightlife

Once past the Aussie Bar you find a corridor-like lane flanked by seven beer bars on each side.
Soi Gonzo is a dead-end street with the smallest discotheque in Patong Beach, The White Room, at its end.

Phuket Nightlife in Soi Gonzo

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‘Gonzo’ means ‘foolish’ in Italian and the term was used to define the journalistic-style of Hunter S. Thompson in the 1970s, thus popularising the word.

Soi Gonzo is not crazier than its competing neighbouring sois, but it has its share of interesting joints.

Phuket Nightlife in Soi Gonzo

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The Aussie Bar marks the entrance of the soi and it first opened in 2000.

This large bar and restaurant (approximately 200 Sqm on two floors) is paradoxically a ‘family-friendly’ raft in the middle of a veritable ocean of lust and temptation – isn’t this gonzo?

Pool tables, sport events broadcasting, Western and Thai food, and no bar-girls make the Aussie Bar a cool place for a stopover with friends and family while discovering Bangla’s urban jungle.

Phuket Nightlife in Soi Gonzo

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Phuket Nightlife
Soi Gonzo’s central part is made up of an alley with 14 beers bars: Luck Bar, Magic Bar, Sweet Bar, Night Relax Bar, Blade Bars 1 and 2, Duck Tonight Bar, Tahiti Bar, Off Side Bar, Boom Boom Bar, Paris Folies Bar, Lisa Bar, Hansa Bar.

Phuket Nightlife in Soi Gonzo

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Phuket Nightlife
The night scene of Bangla Road follows the same Buddhist principles as the rest of the world: ‘nothing’s permanent’; so bar names and owners may change in a matter of weeks.

Nevertheless, what’s on offer here won’t change so soon: affordable beers/spirits (80 baht for 33cl beer bottle).

Soi Gonzo

  • Location: 60m on the left after you entered Bangla Road from Thaweewong (Beach) Road



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