Cooking Classes Activities in Koh Samui


Cooking Classes Activities in Koh Samui while a visit to Koh Samui may seem like paradise, SITCA’s curriculum is down-to-earth, comprehensive and above all enjoyable.
All chefs are Thai experts with years of experience cooking Thai, and a love of their art.

Whether avid home cook or aspiring professional, you will learn all the skills you need to cook one of Asia’s most varied and fascinating cuisines.

Cooking Classes Activities in Koh Samui

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Many schools have a regular program that runs on a daily basis.
Class times last from approximately 90 minutes to three hours.

They’re open for everyone regardless of your cooking experience and background.
Most venues can arrange intensive cooking classes that last several days or even a week.

Cooking Classes Activities in Koh Samui

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It’s a perfect choice for those who are interested in Thai cooking.
If you appreciate the juxtaposed and subtle flavours of Thai cuisine the next best thing to eating it is to learn how to create it.

Learn just what is behind those wonderful tastes and how to skillfully mix them through Thai cooking classes.

Cooking Classes Activities in Koh Samui

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The experienced instructors, many of whom have been professional chefs for years, speak good English and know how to make students relax and at their ease and classes usually happen in a modern air-conditioned facility.

In most classes, students will get the chance to visit a local market together with the chef.
They also get to buy fresh ingredients include spices and herbs and also learn about their nutrition benefits and more.

Cooking Classes Activities in Koh Samui

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For many students, it’s their first time using exotic kitchen utensils such as a wok and a mortar.
These tools are important for making stir-fried dishes and preparing red/green curry pastes respectively.

Once the classes end, you’ll get to sit down and exchange knowledge with the chef and classmates while enjoying your own cooking.
Some schools even allow you to invite friends or family members to sample the end result.

Cooking Classes Activities in Koh Samui

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A day with Ying…
The classes are held in German or English language from Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm.
Her mom or  Ying herself will pick you up from your hotel about 15 to 30 minutes before the class starts.

Before the actual cooking class starts you’ll explore the local food market of Hua Thanon, where you’ll get the first insight into the vegetables, herbs and spices we will be using.

Furthermore Ying will show you how some of those herbs are growing in their natural environment in Her dad’s garden behind their house.
As part of the actual cooking class they will prepare and cook four different typical Thai dishes which is including one tropical-tasty dessert.

In the local Samui-style ambiance of their home you can enjoy the wonderful tastes of the Thai meals that you just have cooked by yourself.

Cooking Classes Activities in Koh Samui

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Price: 2.400 THB per person
Number of participants: max. 4 per day (5 or more participants is unfortunately not possible)
Classes held in German or English:

Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm (often a bit longer- depending on the dishes we are cooking)
The class is a whole-day activity.
Pick-up service: depending on the location of your hotel about 15 to 30 minutes before the cooking class starts

transfers from and back to your hotel (all around the island)

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detailed tour across their local fresh-market (approx. 45 min) with many explanations worth knowing
walk around their own backyard garden with interesting details about growing of tropical vegetables and herbs

very flexible menu – they don’t have preset menus
preparation and cooking of four typical Thai dishes with detailed explanations about their traditional methods of cooking

high-quality ingredients fresh from local vendors with no extra charge for costly ingredients as big prawns or fresh fish for example

cooking with high-quality and healthy coconut oil instead of the usual vegetable oil
eating your dishes in a local living ambiance, many insights into their local southern Thai lifestyle

cooking spring-rolls-making, Attractions and Activities in Koh Samui

natural refreshing drinks
When booking Ying‘s Thai Cooking Class you can feel free to tell her about your personal cooking preferences (vegetarian for example).
Children from an age of 12 years upwards can take part in the cooking class already.

For reasons of safety (frying with hot oil, using sharp knives etc.) children under an age of 12 cannot actively take part in the cooking.
But of course they are very welcome to come and join their parents, watch and assist them while cooking and enjoy delicious Thai dishes together with them.

Along with Chiang Mai, and Phuket, Samui is also home to a wide and varied selection of cooking schools which cater for all ages and cooking abilities, from complete beginners to expert chefs.

Cooking Classes Activities in Koh Samui

Cooking-Classes-What-to-expect, Attractions and Activities in Koh Samui

It’s really worth checking out the many well-priced cooking classes on Samui.
You’ll be happy to learn that Thai cooking is not only fun but that Thai food is also easy to prepare and takes very little time to execute.

List of Samui Thai Cooking Schools
Most of big resorts and hotels in Samui offer cooking sessions on the premises. Alternatively try some of the establishments listed below.

Samui Institute of Thai Culinary Arts (SITCA)
Opened in 1999, SITCA is probably one of the most popular Thai cooking schools on the island. The venue features experienced instructors with good English and well-planned sessions.
Opening: SITCA offers twice-daily, three-hour classes at 11:00 and again at 16:00.
Location: Chaweng Beach
Tel: +66(0)77 413 172

Pai Cookery Class
Pai offers informal classes with a fun and easy going atmosphere.
Open: By appointment only
Location: On the Beach Road, South Chaweng Beach, opposite Samui Resotel Resort and Spa.
Tel: +66(0)86 952 3672

Sonja’s German and English speaking Thai Cooking Class
At Sonja’s, you’ll get to learn how to make soup, a starter, a main course, a curry and a dessert, all in one class.
Open: Class I: 10:00-12:30, Class II: 13:00 – 17:30 and Class III: 17:00 – 21:00.
Location: Maenam Beach
Tel: +66 (0)89 725 5610

Sandalwood Cookery Classes
Classes can be taken on a one-on-one basis or in small groups of up to four persons.
Open: By appointment only
Location: At The Sandalwood Luxury Villas Resort and Spa, Tambon Maret
Tel: +66 (0)77 448 982

Samahita Retreat
Samahita is a well-known yoga centre famous for healthy Thai cooking classes focusing on how to make delicious vegetarian dishes.
Open: Daily between 13:30 – 15:00 except Saturdays. Booking in advance is a must.
Location: Tambon Namuang
Tel: +66 (0)77 920 090



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