Thong Krut Fisherman’s Village One of Koh Samui Beaches

Thong Krut Fisherman’s Village one of Koh Samui beaches is a fishing village located on the far southwest of Koh Samui.

The village has many restaurants as it is the departure point for ships to Koh Tan and other small islands off Samui’s south coast.

It is not very good for swimming or water sports, it’s better to go further north and east for wonderful Koh Samui beaches and sands.

But The village is worth visiting to see kor lae, the brightly coloured fishing boats, and the authentic culture of a Muslim fishing neighbourhood.


You can also visit the village to view the spectacular scenery across to Koh Tan and Matsum Islands.

Thong Krut is also the best area for fishing expeditions.

Thong Krut Fisherman’s Village One of Koh Samui Beaches  this is a peaceful shallow-water bay where you can charter long-tail boats out to neighbouring islands.

Prices are usually fixed but it doesn’t hurt to bargain with a smile and that applies all around Koh Samui beaches.
Thong Krut Fisherman’s Village

Koh Samui Beaches

thong-krut-fisherman-village, Koh Samui Beaches

Thong Krut of Koh Samui Beaches like a lot of Samui, is in a state of flux, with many buildings going up and just as many being demolished to make way for newer ones.

Here, you have the choice to eat at several large seafood restaurants, all with sea views and all with the freshest catch.

thong-krut-the-beach-restaurant, Koh Samui Beaches

To hire a long-tail boat simply chat with the owner and find an agreeable price for you both.

Boat drivers will recommend trips out to Koh Mudsum, Koh Tan and several other destinations for snorkelling, swimming and beachside relaxation round Koh Samui beaches.

If you’re feeling peckish then stroll into the large, fan-cooled Beach Restaurant – it has all-day dining and specialises in fresh seafood.

thong-krut-bungalow, Koh Samui Beaches

The beach itself at Thong Krut is charming at high tide, not so much at low tide.

Great for strolling and exploring, the views from here take in neighbouring islands and you’ll soon be asking locals about how to get to them.

Thong Krut Fisherman’s Village

    • Location: Between Nathon and Lamai



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