Fisherman’s Village Koh Samui Nightlife

Fisherman’s Village Koh Samui Nightlife : Even though the most visited tourist spots and attractions in Koh Samui are located in Chaweng and Lamai, travellers shouldn’t miss the attractive and quaint Fisherman’s Village in Bophut.

The best way to truly appreciate the many souvenir shops in Bophut is to park outside the Fisherman’s Village and stroll up and down the main street that contains the shops and restaurants.

Fisherman’s Village Koh Samui Nightlife

Fisherman's Village Koh Samui Nightlife

There are plenty of places to stop for fast food, a coffee,  or a beer break.

As you head down to the pier there are several T-shirt, sandals and handcrafted souvenir shops but once on the main street you will see fashionable boutiques such as Saona Collection (former Samana Boutique) or Amrapalli which come up from the lot.

Fisherman's Village Koh Samui Nightlife

Bophut is not a shopaholics destination (nearby Chaweng has more dedicated shopping options) yet hosts enough small stores to satisfy the average shopper.

It’s simple to explore Koh Samui nightlife in Bophut; either take a right or a left at the pier.

A left-hand turn will take you to the heart of the action whereas going right leads to a few pretty good restaurants and select guesthouses and eventually to the road to Bangrak.

Fisherman's Village Koh Samui Nightlife

There are no Go-Go’s, girlie bars or dodgy massage parlours here and as a result the atmosphere is much more laid back and friendly.

The wonderful village is currently more widespread than ever before, particularly amongst European tourists.

The Fisherman’s Village offers gorgeous tranquil beach setting, cosy guest houses, restaurants, outlets, shops and plenty of exhilarating activities.

Fisherman’s Village Koh Samui Nightlife

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In the past few years, Bophut’s business and tourism industry has grown significantly with new restaurants, shoppes, hotels and resorts growing up all across this tiny paradise.

North of the beautiful fisherman’s village and only a short ferry ride away, you will find the famous Koh PhaNgan, where the amazing full moon parties are celebrated as part of Koh Samui Night programs.



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