Double Six Rooftop Bar and Restaurant In Bali

Double-Six Rooftop Bar and Restaurant In Bali is one of the signature venues at the Double-Six Luxury Hotel in Seminyak, which has literally taken to new heights the legacy of the late Double-Six Club that closed in the same spot at the brink of 2011.

This expansive 1,700 sqm. luxurious rooftop space attracts an upmarket crowd.
You can lounge away while taking in spectacular 180-degree views over Seminyak’s coastline and sunsets, while enjoying creative cocktail selections.

Double Six Rooftop Bar and Restaurant In Bali

bali-double-six-rooftop-bali, Double Six Rooftop Bar and Restaurant In Bali

The bar’s edge is one of the most coveted spaces at Double-Six Rooftop as it offers the very best views.

This perimeter has round lounge pods with cushions and pillows that comfortably seat up to nine, set within a shallow, awning-covered freeform pool.

You only get to settle into these pods with a minimum spend of IDR 1 million (USD 74).
Further in to the centre is its unique pit grill that forms a ‘circle of fire’, where juicy satays are prepared using coconut shell charcoal.

Double Six Rooftop Bar and Restaurant In Bali

bali-double-six-rooftop-bali-nightlife, Double Six Rooftop Bar and Restaurant In Bali

If you’re not taking in the spectacular seascapes, you can always settle for the wooden deck with beach-style chairs in their mini outdoor cinema.

Further inside, after the grill, are freeform lounges set around indoor pine trees next to the green pineapple-themed bar.
Even the bar stools are quirky – cubes covered in bright green artificial grass.

The modern interiors are really something to behold from entry to centre, not to mention the sharks and rays gracefully swimming in tanks (which are also a feature in the restrooms!).

The top choices at the bar are the tiki-style cocktails, most being creative takes inspired by local tropical ingredients.

Double Six Rooftop Bar and Restaurant In Bali

bali-double-six-rooftop-bali-gallery02, Double Six Rooftop Bar and Restaurant In Bali

There’s the sweet treat of Pandan Daiquiri (IDR 130,000 or USD 10), made with dark rum that is infused with aromatic pandan leaf and soursop sorbet, and the Semangka Collins, with watermelon, rosella and soda pop (IDR 120,000 or USD 9).

For sharing among up to eight people, there’s the truly refreshing Blue Iguana (IDR 850,000 or USD 63 a vessel), a tangy blend of pineapple, kaffir lime, lemongrass, Sailor Jerry, blue curacao, and young coconut water.

There’s mini sliders (two per serving) with selections that include grilled wagyu, suckling pig, tiger prawn and chorizo.
Highly recommended to sample from the circular fire pit for a full range of satays such as Italian lamb, bratwurst pork, mahi-mahi, wagyu and lobster.

Double Six Rooftop Bar and Restaurant In Bali

bali-double-six-rooftop-bali-gallery03,Double Six Rooftop Bar and Restaurant In Bali

Alternatively, go for the ultimate satay platter that serves two or more with a great assortment of meats and seafood (IDR 280,000 or USD 20).
Drinks are on the pricier side for Seminyak, with Bintangs costing IDR 50,000 (USD 3.70).

Every Tuesday and Thursday there’s two-for-the-price-of-one deals on most drinks between 19:00 and 21:00, as well as similar daily offers for certain wines.

Cool jazzy playlists augment the elegant but laidback ambiance throughout, while live gigs by great local jazz, funk and blues bands are highlighted weekly.

Opening Hours: 15:00 – 22:30

Location: Double-Six Luxury Hotel, Jalan Arjuna No. 66, Seminyak

Tel: +62 (0)361 734 300



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