Chaweng Beach one of Koh Samui Beaches

Chaweng Beach one of Koh Samui Beaches is the most popular resort town in Koh Samui.

Located on Samui’s northeastern coast, the beach there is the longest strip of sand available in Samui – about seven km including Chaweng Noi.

The central part of Chaweng beach area is the most crowded among Koh Samui beaches, and access to the beach itself is only possible through the hotels built right on it.

The beach of Chaweng is the main attraction here among Koh Samui beaches, and apart from Wat Khao Hua Jook (a beautiful elevated Buddhist temple standing above Q Bar at Chaweng’s northern end),

wat-khaohua-juk, Chaweng Beach one of Koh Samui Beaches

This temple contains, according to the sign, a replica of Buddha’s footprint, but it’s not on any island tour so you’ll have to ‘rough it’ and drive there yourself.

On your way to the top you will also pass the fabulous ‘Nathalie’s Art Palace’ and the Samui branch of Bangkok’s famous ‘Q Bar’. To get there, look for the Q Bar sign on the road linking Samui Ring Road to Chaweng Beach.

In addition to its Buddha relic, the temple features a golden chedi (stupa) and a collection of beautiful statues.

As most temples in Thailand, it is a peaceful place at which anyone can meditate for a few hours.

Although this ‘mountain’ is only 90 metres tall you will have an incredible view from the peak.

The entire strip from Samui Airport is virtually at your feet.

If you like take offs and landings this is the place to sit for a while.

After all how many other airports can you watch from above without flying? The islands Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, Koh Sum, Koh Lum Noi, Koh Tao Poon and Koh Fan (where Big Buddha sits) plus Big Buddha, Wat Bang Rak, gorgeous sunsets and much more from Koh Samui beaches are all visible from this remarkable spot.

most of the attractions in Chaweng beach are in fact activities. Sport/ leisure/nightlife-oriented, the best attractions in Chaweng aim at entertaining the ever-growing number of visitors to this exotic destination.

chaweng-beach, Chaweng Beach one of Koh Samui Beaches

Koh Samui’s busiest and biggest town has sprung up around one of the Koh Samui beaches.

As well as offering more accommodation options than elsewhere on the island, Chaweng is also nightlife central with bars and restaurants catering to every taste.

chaweng-beach-1, Chaweng Beach one of Koh Samui Beaches

From beachside institutions to sophisticated cocktail bars, Chaweng’s nightlife is streets ahead of anywhere else on Koh Samui beaches in terms of choice.

The famous Green Mango strip still forms the axis around which the rest of the town’s bars revolve and is packed with (mostly) young revellers every night, alternating between the pubs, dance bars and girly bars.

Chaweng’s main strip is nearly three kilometres long though, and lots of smaller centres of activity have sprung up along it.

McDonalds forms a landmark in the south of town just across the road from Chaweng’s single most popular bar, Tropical Murphy’s Irish pub.



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