Bophut Beach one of Koh Samui Beaches

Among Koh Samui beaches Bophut is basically 2 places: Bophut beach, that sweeps down many kilometres between huge Buddha and Maenam beaches and maybe one in every of the oldest places on the island, the charming Fisherman’s Village, that takes up the centre section of the beach.

Fisherman’s Village is quick gaining a name that stretches approach on the far side Samui for being the foremost elegant and healthy place on the island Its one of the busiest spots on Fridays round Koh samui beaches.

bophut-fishermans-village-walking-street-1, Bophut Beach one of Koh Samui Beaches

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Fisherman’s Village Walking Street a spot among Koh samui beaches brings the quiet, sleepy town of Bophut to life every Friday from 17:00 to 23:00.

It sees the narrow Beach Road and adjoining streets crammed with market stalls and shoppers from across Koh Samui beaches, with a diverse range of wares available at very low prices.

Many of the stalls sell much the same items as you will find in markets throughout Thailand, including 100-baht T-shirts, simple jewellery, handbags, sunglasses, beer cosies, souvenirs, watches of questionable mechanical soundness, branded clothes of dubious manufacture and electrical goods of suspicious provenance.

As with all market shopping in Thailand, a certain amount of judgement and measured expectations is necessary when selecting your purchases.

fishermans-village-walking-street, Bophut Beach one of Koh Samui Beaches

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Lined by recent picket Chinese shop-houses, interspaced with a number of trendy buildings that match the tone, it retains a clearly Mediterranean feel.

This has in all probability got lots to try with the actual fact that it had been the most French outpost on the island for several years.

Mixed in among the retailers square measure many boutiques, commercialism top quality article of clothing and jewellry.

bophut-attractions, Bophut Beach one of Koh Samui Beaches

There are some dive retailers within the space, giving breathing machine lessons or day dives to sites within the notable Air National Guard Thong Marine Park, Sail Rock or Koh Tao Island among many amazing spots around Koh Samui beaches.

La Sirene conjointly offers some hand-picked tours to secret spots within the encompassing islands or some auto rides to places tough to access for guests not acquainted with the island, primarily the key Buddha Garden.

bopuht-the-wharf-samui-1, Bophut Beach one of Koh Samui Beaches

Attempt Associate in Nursing elephant ride within the tropical forest or choose a fishing trip on native|an area|a neighbourhood} watercraft (with local fisherman) round the island of Koh Phangan.

There are no Go-Go’s, girlie bars or dodgy massage parlours in Bophut and as a result the atmosphere is much more laid back and friendly its on of the best family spots among Koh samui beaches.

Koh Samui Beaches simply is a piece of heaven.



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