Beer Bar Central Koh Samui nightlife

Beer Bar Central Koh Samui nightlife is the largest concentration of beer bars and nightlife entertainment in Lamai.

Located a few hundred metres away from the more renowned Lamai Central Plaza, it consists of dozens of bars along two interconnected streets, all competing for the chance to make your night.

Beer Bar Central is comprised of Soi Haad Lamai 1, the unmade road which runs parallel to it and the small side-streets which connect the two.

It is significantly less family-friendly than the likes of Lamai Central Plaza.

While even that location – with its lady boxing and scantily-clad dancers – is hardly what you’d call suitable for young audiences.

Beer Bar Central Koh Samui nightlife

beer-bar-central-1, Koh Samui nightlife, Beer Bar Central Koh Samui nightlife

Koh Samui nightlife
The seemingly endless beer bars  all follow a very similar design: A square-shaped hut-like building with a couple of refrigerators full of drinks, a few wall-mounted fans to keep customers cool and a staff of attractive young ladies to make sure they need the fans.

The ladies of Beer Bar Central are considerably friendlier than any others in Lamai, and are more determined to get you to sit at their bar and buy them drinks.

It is worth noting that not all of the ladies are 100 per cent female, particularly not those on the unmade road section of the complex.

Beer Bar Central Koh Samui nightlife

Beer Bar Central Koh Samui nightlife
The majority of the bars also have a pool table of varying size, even if they need to cram it into a venue which is really not big enough for one.

Some of the larger establishments have tables or bar stools out on the street in front of them and some even set up a small dancing stage there.

What they all have in common is a soundtrack of dance and pop music played at full volume, with the beats conflicting with the bars around them, and very low drinks prices starting from as little as 50 baht for a local beer.

Beer Bar Central Koh Samui nightlife

Beer Bar Central Koh Samui nightlife
Notable places in Beer Bar Central include Billabong Bar, Mai Ling Bar and Alcatraz Bar.

Koh Samui nightlife
Lamai also has a large number of girlie bars, which are located around the area close to the McDonalds fast food restaurant in the town.

These bars all compete for male customers with a cacophony of ear splitting music, beautiful girls and the occasional pole dance.

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Koh Samui nightlife

Beer Bar Central

    • Location: Soi Haad Lamai 1 (and adjoining streets), Lamai



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