Bali Sharks Island Eco Adventures


Bali Sharks Island just off Serangan Island let’s you swim with sharks! Also known as The Serangan Shark Project, Bali Sharks takes you to purpose-built nursery pontoons to get up close with over a dozen black tip reef sharks.

The activity also carries a noble mission, namely to educate, spread awareness and better understand the species.

Bali Sharks Island
The Bali Sharks project was founded by Hawaii-grown surfer Paul Friese, a conservationist committed to these apex predators.

He collaborated with reformed poaching fishermen back in 2011, which led to more sharks being kept in the nursery, some brought in live by fishermen who benefitted more than killing and selling them to the market.


The protection of juvenile black reef tips in the Bali Sharks island nursery led to more rescues and releases.

In further collaboration with the Gili Shark Foundation, Paul managed to complete the project’s shark conservation model.

In July 2013, Bali Sharks donated a pair of white and black reef tips to be released in the protected waters of the Gili Eco Trust in Bali’s east neighbouring island of Lombok.

bali-sharks-island-denpasar-03, Bali Sharks Island

bali-sharks-island-denpasar-04-1, Bali Sharks Island

Back on Serangan Island, the nursery continues to offer an alternative to young sharks being killed for food, or by accidentally being trapped in fishnets.

The Bali Sharks Island tour suits all ages and experience levels.
Even non-swimmers can enjoy feeding and the up-close encounters.

bali-sharks-island-denpasar-06, Bali Sharks Island

bali-sharks-island-denpasar-05, Bali Sharks Island

The tour also visits Serangan Island’s turtle conservation and education centre, only several minutes’ drive from the nursery site.

In-water activities are guaranteed safe and the exhibits are perfect for children, as they provide fun learning with the aid of real live specimens.

bali-sharks-island-denpasar-07, Bali Sharks Island

Bali Sharks Island , A three-hour tour includes shark swims with mask and snorkel, a visit to the adjacent turtle rescue centre where baby turtles are hatched and cultivated to be released back into their natural environment, a marine garden aquarium tour, with meals and refreshments included. It’s a fun, educational and inspiring day out.

Bring a towel, camera, swimsuit and sunscreen.

Shark Island & Serangan Eco Adventures

Opening Hours: 07:00 – 21:00

Location: Agus Bar & Restaurant, Serangan Island, South Denpasar

Address: Jalan Tukad Punggawa, Serangan Island

Tel: +62 (0)361 996 510 1



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