Best Restaurants in Dubai

Best Restaurants in Dubai . . . When it comes to food, Dubai is almost too exotic to imagine.

There are restaurants serving virtually every national cuisine from around the world, including many specialising in Dubai’s own Arabic delights.

Dubai does not have its own Michelin Guide, but instead it imports chefs or restaurant chains that have previously been recognised elsewhere by this prestigious publication.

Each restaurant featured here is not simply somewhere to eat, but a destination for stunning décor, amazing views and unforgettable culinary experiences, here you can find the Best Restaurants in Dubai.


Best Restaurants in Dubai

pierchic21, Best Restaurants in Dubai


Style / Ambiance: Set on a bedecked pier jutting out into the Arabian Gulf, Pierchic offers some of Dubai’s finest seafood, and was recognized, for the second year, in 2010 as Time Out Dubai’s Best Seafood Restaurant.

The pier is a romantic outpost, far removed from the noise and bustle of Dubai and offering unspoilt views of the azure Gulf.

pierchihot_1_base, Best Restaurants in Dubai

Pierchic has long had the reputation for being one of the most romantic restaurants in Dubai.

A refurbishment has increased the wow factor, while only detracting from the romantic vibe ever so slightly .

It’s still a stylish place though, the inviting space featuring pale-coloured wooden tables and a stunning Swarovski crystal light installation over the bar.

Arrive early and you can enjoy a pre-dinner drink at the pod-like bar and take in the unrivalled view of the Burj Al Arab. Service upon arrival is warm and friendly, with the staff knowledgeable and attentive throughout.

On the concise menu you’ll find a selection of caviar, soups, salads and main courses.

Of the mains, the lobster thermidor is a sheer crustacean delight, beautifully-presented with roasted cauliflower and a mustard sauce. Pierchic is still the place to come for a truly excellent meal, warm service and scenic views its one of the Best Restaurants in Dubai.

+971 4 366 6730

Madinet Jumeirah

Nathan Outlaw Al Mahara

almahara_1_base, Best Restaurants in Dubai


The Burj Al Arab Jumeirah restaurant everyone’s been talking about is now open and it’s a dining experience that will have guests well and truly hooked – no-fuss food, buzzing atmosphere, exceptional service and a stunningly designed venue.

Style / Ambiance: Nathan Outlaw brings his luxuriously laid-back approach to seafood to Dubai.

The restaurant is not underwater and neither is the ‘submarine’ that takes you there real, but nonetheless, it is an extraordinary and unique experience dining within the vast aquarium that sets the scene for Nathan Outlaw Al Mahara.

The Michelin-starred British chef’s dishes emphasize the power of simplicity while the flavours of the finest ingredients speak for themselves.

jumeirah-group-nathan-outlaw-new-image-hero, Best Restaurants in Dubai

Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara celebrates British cuisine.

The menu is diverse and unique with each dish created specifically for Burj Al Arab.

Using the very best ingredients from all over the world, including oysters from Cornwall, UK, his home county, Nathan lets the food do the talking. Key dishes include Lobster Risotto, Crispy Cooked Oysters with Caviar, Raw Scallops and Citrus Cured Brill.

al_mahara2, Best Restaurants in Dubai

Particularly British in style, the dessert menu includes a unique Sticky Toffee Pudding which is his 11 year old daughter’s recipe.

Each dish on the dessert menu has the ‘Outlaw’ twist” and is served with lots of theatre, It is indeed on of the Best Restaurants in Dubai.

+971 4 301 7600

Burj Al Arab Jemeirah , Al Sufouh Road, PO Box 73137


eauzone-exterior5, Best Restaurants in Dubai


Style / Ambiance: The atmosphere at Eauzone is casual during the day, reflecting the slow pace of the One&Only Royal Mirage and the lazy sea beyond.

eauzone_2_base, Best Restaurants in Dubai

With a wonderfully romantic outdoor area by night and a family-friendly indoor set-up, Eauzone’s ability to suit drastically different occasions without faltering is probably cause for celebration.

Unfortunately, it still fails to deliver main courses to match the surroundings.

‘In fact, the two seem almost artfully juxtaposed. While the decor, both inside and out, is a minimalist affair, the starters and mains are over fussy, with too many ingredients and an off-putting emphasis on presentation.

Trading mainly in European-tinted Asian fare, the glazed teriyaki chicken is, on the upside, one of the most reliable options.

But hold out, if you can, for desserts – they’re little short of divine.

eauzonehot_1_base, Best Restaurants in Dubai

After sunset, however, this venue smartens up into a slick, refined restaurant.

The design is beautifully positioned around the pool, giving the impression that it is floating on the translucent water.

A winding walkway over the pool shows the way into the restaurant where there is a casual bar and a glamorous, striped poolside marquee deck it is one of the Best Restaurants in Dubai.

+971 4 399 9999

One & Only Royal Mirage, PO Box 26525


2016_lapetit_base, Best Restaurants in Dubai


Style / Ambiance: Magnificently located in DIFC, this restaurant’s cooking style belongs to “old Genoese” serving Mediterranean dishes.

Local produce, notably artichokes, courgettes, lemons, olives, tomatoes, peppers and girolles are used generously with sea food, meat and fresh pasta to produce a style that’s light and healthy, It is one of the Best Restaurants in Dubai

 +971 4 439 0505

Gate Village No, 8, Dubai International Financial Center – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


al_hadheerah1, Best Restaurants in Dubai


Style / Ambiance: The signature restaurant of the Bab Al Shams Resort is a 60 minute drive from Dubai airport, in a resort hidden amongst and surrounded by sand dunes, giving the image of an isolated oasis, It is one of the Best Restaurants in Dubai.

Guests dine while being entertained by actors riding horses and acting out swordplay, with belly dancers and henna artists keeping families entertained for hours.

+971 4 381 3231

Bab Al Shams, PO Box 8168


zheng, Best Restaurants in Dubai


Style / Ambiance: Award winning chefs at Zheng He’s pride themselves on creating dishes that blend modern Western presentation with old Chinese flavors.

The setting adds to this fusion; on the ‘dockside’ of a canal that weaves itself into the Madinet Jumeirah resort, it has an atmosphere of ancient simplicity while retaining views of the Burj Al Arab and the Gulf beyond, It is one of the Best Restaurants in Dubai.

+971 4 366 6730

Mina A’ Salam, Madinet Jumeirah


nobubrunch_1_base, Best Restaurants in Dubai


Style / Ambiance: Based at the Atlantis Hotel, Nobu fuses cutting–edge Japanese style with Arabian influences, while retaining Nobu classics such as its legendary seared black cod served with sweet miso sauce, and yellowtail topped with thin slices of jalapeño.

The menu is complemented by a sushi bar and stylish surroundings, including private areas for more intimate gatherings.

Cooking classes are available on the first Saturday of every month, allowing guests to learn the secrets behind this world–famous restaurant chain, created by globally renowned chef Nobu Matsuhisa to redefine Japanese cuisine.

n0bu_1_base, Best Restaurants in Dubai

Rightly known for all its fine-dining fanciness – and associated price tag – there’s actually more than one way to fillet Nobu.

Yes, you can still take someone you either want to impress or actually just like a lot, weave your way through the whale-like entrance (squint a bit and it all gets a little Pinocchio) and be thrilled by the top-end seafood extravaganza.

You can, prop yourself up on your own at the sushi counter.

nobu_1_base, Best Restaurants in Dubai

There are pluses and minuses to this approach.

On the one hand, you may look like a loner. On the other, at least you’ll look like one with exquisite taste.

And the famous cry from the staff of “irasshaimase!” that greets every diner can get a bit much when it’s screamed repeatedly in your face.

nobuhot_2_base, Best Restaurants in Dubai

When the food is so endlessly moreish, though – try the yellowtail sashimi with jalapeño and the quinoa and lobster ceviche – you’ll find yourself able to cope.

Even if, because you’re a macho, you wind up in an unspoken tempura bell pepper face-off with the diner next to you, neither backing down no matter how much it hurts.

nobubrunch_2_base, Best Restaurants in Dubai

For the record, Nobu rocks, It is on of the Best Restaurants in Dubai.
Open Sat-Wed 7pm-11.30pm, Thu-Fri 7pm-12.30am, Fri noon-3pm. Atlantis The Palm, Palm Jumeirah (04 426 0760).

+971 4 426 2626

The Atlantis Hotel, Jumeirah Palm


hukama-3, Best Restaurants in Dubai


Style / Ambiance: The signature restaurant of The Address Downtown Dubai is a celebration of China.

The bar serves tea–based cocktails to Asian lounge music, the dining room is themed throughout and the food is contemporary Chinese prepared in the various styles of traditional provincial China.

There is an outdoor terrace for al fresco dining and astounding views of the Burj Khalifa.

hukama_base, Best Restaurants in Dubai

Hukama: With tables set a discrete distance apart, elegantly dressed waiting staff and floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the Burj Khalifa, Hukama exudes a quiet kind of sophistication.

The weighty menu blends provincial Chinese cuisine with contemporary fare, and a la carte choices sit opposite a small but perfectly formed selection of dim sum, as well as set menu options ranging from AED. 388 per head to a decadent AED. 888.

Portion sizes are on the small side, but surprisingly filling, perhaps because each perfectly balanced dish is bursting with flavour.

Hukama is one of the Best Restaurants in Dubai a high-end Chinese dining experience, but with prices to match, it might just be for special occasions only.

+971 4 436 8888

Downtown Dubai, Emaar Boulevard, Downtown Dubai, PO Box 123234


buddha-bar-03, Best Restaurants in Dubai


Style / Ambiance: Widely considered to be one of the best venues in Dubai, the Buddha Bar is located in the Grosvenor House Hotel, and is named after the giant Buddha statue that watches over this lavish setting.

buddhabar_1_base, Best Restaurants in Dubai

Actually three venues — a restaurant, bar and outdoor lounge opening onto the Arabian Sea — Buddha Bar is famed for its unique food, eclectic atmosphere and chilled sounds.

The sumptuous restaurant serves a fusion of sushi, Chinese and Thai food, and the bar plays host to Dubai’s stylish crowds.

buddhabar_2_base, Best Restaurants in Dubai

As one of the largest venues of this international chain, Buddha Bar Dubai has an impressively spacious dining room with striking red and gold chandeliers.

The main bar and dining area is dominated by the brand’s famous four-metre high gilded statue and an entire wall of glass, while large bay windows provide exceptional views of the marina. Buddha Bar’s pan-Asian menu features dishes inspired by Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisine, with local seasonal ingredients.

If you’re looking for a light starter to begin with, then the lemongrass beef salad is perfect, featuring green papaya, cherry tomatoes and roasted peanuts.

Other tasty options include spring rolls, dumplings, sushi, sashimi and tempura. When it comes to mains, the Thai green chicken curry is a hit, served with a huge steaming bowl of jasmine rice.

Portion sizes are generous here, and it’s definitely worth splurging for the opportunity to dine in this vibrant and fashionable restaurant. With chilled-out beats turning to livelier house lounge music later, Buddha Bar isone of the Best Restaurants in Dubai the perfect place to stay after dinner and party into the late hours.

buddhabar_3_base, Best Restaurants in Dubai

+971 4 399 8888

Grosvenor House Hotel, Dubai Marina, PO Box 118500


cook031510_base, Best Restaurants in Dubai


Style / Ambiance: Verre is overseen by Gordon Ramsay, the British chef with a reputation for meticulous attention to detail that has earned him 12 Michelin stars.

It is perhaps because of this reputation that Verre is frequently attended by Dubai’s high society.

The venue is straightforward; crisp white linen, simple cutlery and large glass walls create an atmosphere of understated elegance.

This contrasts with sophisticated cuisine using the finest produce flown in from Europe, and wine matched to each dish by the award–winning sommelier, It is one of the Best Restaurants in Dubai.


+971 4 212 7551

Hilton Dubai Creek, Beniyas Road




Style / Ambiance: Dubai does not yet have its own Michelin Guide, so it adopts Michelin–starred chefs instead.

The flagship restaurant at the Grosvenor House Hotel is headed by Gary Rhodes, who crafts an astonishing fusion of Anglo–French cuisine.

The innovative tasting menu is exceptional and uses fresh ingredients sourced from Europe, matched by an extensive collection of new, old and vintage wines, It is one of the Best Restaurants in Dubai.

+971 4 399 8888

Grosvenor House Hotel, Dubai Marina, PO Box 118500


reflects_1_base, Best Restaurants in Dubai


Style / Ambiance: World–renowned chef Pierre Gagnaire, known for taking creative cuisine to its absolute limit, opened Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire at InterContinental Dubai Festival City.

It is his sixth restaurant to date and matches the success of his others in London, Paris and Tokyo. To dine at Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire is to experience what can only be described as profound ‘culinary experimentalism’. The ingredients fused together in each dish are chosen by the chef for their intense flavors, which either complement each other perfectly, or contrast starkly.

Both options result in an unexpected, yet unforgettable, experience for the diner.

reflets72709_1_base-1, Best Restaurants in Dubai

It’s far from cheap, very French and bombards you with so much food it gets borderline Monty Python by the end (fortunately, a final ‘waffer-thin mint’ isn’t ultimately forthcoming).

But, if you’re after a food experience in the city, Reflets should figure a long way up your shortlist.

Gagnaire’s three Michelin-starred molecular reputation pervades everything from the superb cuisine to the charming service.

From the second you arrive, via private lift, the decadence begins. Before starters comes a stunning selection of seven amuse-bouches (per person!), which is replicated with sweeter iterations before pudding.

Overall, though, this is a must-try splurge. Just make sure you go in with a full wallet and an empty stomach, It is one of the Best Restaurants in Dubai.

refletspar31_2_base, Best Restaurants in Dubai

refletspar31_1_base, Best Restaurants in Dubai

 +971 4 701 1111

Intercontinental Dubai Festival City, Dubai Festival City, PO Box 45777


zuma, Best Restaurants in Dubai


Style / Ambiance: The beauty of Zuma is that it is luxuriously unfussy, specializing in the Japanese Izakaya style of dining, in which food is served to share.

zuma_base, Best Restaurants in Dubai

Zuma combines its classic Japanese dishes with bold, intense flavors and an emphasis on simple presentation acquired through quality ingredients. Following the Japanese Izakaya style of dining, dishes are steadily brought to the table creating an informal yet sophisticated style of eating and drinking, with a contemporary twist.

Friday brunch (Friday)

Dubai’s best Japanese restaurant offers a signature selection of their dishes, served from buffet stations, as well as à la carte main courses. AED 420 (soft drinks), AED 540 (house beverages), AED 595 (bubbly and premium beverages), AED 225 (kids aged four-12), free for under fours.

zuma1212_base, Best Restaurants in Dubai

Think Zuma, is one of the Best Restaurants in Dubai think quality Japanese. Friday brunch at this slick DIFC restaurant is all about the finest sushi and sashimi, a range of Japanese yakitori, salads, noodles, seafood and meat dishes, as well as exquisite Zuma mains, such as the much-talked-about black cod.

Diners order their mains à la carte and then help themselves from the two buffets – but the latter is an easy, pleasurable experience, without the queues and mad rush you’ll find elsewhere.

Refreshingly, too, the Zumaapproach doesn’t involve piling up the food in a grotesque, eyes-bigger-than-your-stomach manner, with offerings instead presented in small, appetising batches and then restocked as required.

Drinks include delicious ‘cleansers’ (chilled tea, juice and fruit combinations), premium beverages and a range of Japanese rice-based beverages.


+971 4 425 5660

DIFC Gate Village 06, Dubai, United Arab Emirates



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