Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa

Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa is a stunning 5-star hotel located on a beautiful private beach near both downtown Dubai and Jumeirah.

Its an Ideal hotel for families.

This hotel comes equipped with 2 large swimming pools (along with a separate pool for children), a spa, tennis courts, a gym, and has spinning and aerobic classes.

At the Dubai Marine Resort, guests have access to plenty of restaurants with a wide range of delicious cuisines to choose from including Thai, Lebanese, Italian, Tex-Mex and Arabian. Furthermore, guests can enjoy their evening with live music and DJs in the hotel’s on-site bar.

With just a short walk, guests can also discover a variety of shopping malls.

And with Dubai Marine’s convenient shuttle service, guests have quick access to a number of the city’s most elite malls.

Serai night Club in Dubai

dubai-marine-beach-resort-985916_170_z, Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa

Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa

Serai is one of the classiest night-spots in town with live entertainment by trendy artists or resident DJs, blending the best of international music & keeping up the charms of the arousing Arabic Fusion atmosphere.

Established in 2003, the club has consistently evolved to its presents status of an epitome of nightlife entertainment.

Offering a plenthora of entertainment concepts, the nightclub is now deemed as one the most sought-after nightlife addresses in Dubai.

With new and fresh entertainment and promotions almost every week of the month, Serai is bound to enliven your evenings.


dubai-marine-beach-resort-985916_53_z, Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa

Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa

The place to be for the full-on Latin experience, a zesty blend of Latin American cuisines and a carefully selected fusion of international styles.

Live Latino entertainment further serves to highlight the energetic mood and vibrant character of this unique outlet.


Malecon offers excitement throughout the week, with a number of theme nights designed to take your entertainment experience to a whole new level. Dance the night away at Dubai’s leading Cuban outlet!

Beach Bar Dubai

dubai-marine-beach-resort-985916_163_z, Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa

Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa

With the Arabian Sea on one side and abundant tropical gardens on the other, the Beach Bar is the place to unwind and reflect on your inner self.

dubai-marine-resort-pool-985916_176_z, Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa

The picturesque vista is accentuated with carefully prepared cocktails and a wide selection of dishes throughout the day.


Hungry? Thirsty? No problem! The friendly staff will ensure that your day at the beach or by the pool is a perfect one!

Club Boudoir Dubai

dubai-marine-beach-resort-985916_169_z, Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa

Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa

On entering this fabulous new restaurant, you will be seduced by the glamour, finesse and grandeur of the interior.

There is an air of romance, enflamed by the French Renaissance period, yet with an added twist of Baroque arrogance.

Once you have been dazzled by the culinary delights, prepare yourself for a further indulgence of the senses.

The Lounge music will gradually dissolve into the more trendy sounds of Deep House, upping the tempo and volume as the evening progresses.
Fashionable, chic and trendy are not the only images that Boudoir reflects.

Add it’s qualities of elegance, class, simplicity and quality and you will see why Boudoir is a truly unforgettable experience.

Sho Cho Dubai

dubai-marine-beach-resort-985916_173_z, Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa

Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa

Sho Cho is a modern Japanese restaurant and lounge fine dining and highly innovative entertainment destination, it is furnished with large white leather sofas and traditional dining tables to bring guests the ancient oriental culinary experience of the future.

The combination of Oceanside dining, lounging and resident international DJs has made Sho Cho a truly unique dining and late night party venue.

The restaurant is open from Sunday to Saturday 7pm – 3am.


dubai-marine-beach-resort-985916_167_z, Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa

Styled with a stainless steel and brickwork facade, Loca has a distinctly underground feel that stands out amongst the alternative night time hangouts and gives the venue a truly unique ambiance.

A comprehensive listing of beers from around the world adds to the hop themed interior that includes visible beer rooms with industrial sized pipes so you can follow your tipples route direct from the keg to your glass and individual beer taps mounted on solid wood tables that will encourage guests to hone their bar tending skills.

Plasma screens are on hand for major sporting events and a backdrop of poolside panoramas only adds to the individuality of Loca.

A traditional Mexican menu is on hand that includes south of the border fayre such as fajitas and burritos galore, paired with lesser known more traditional dishes such as corn husk tamales and banana leaf wrapped roasted lamb.

All Loca’s dishes are a far cry from the “tex- mex” counter parts that have graced Dubai’s social scene for far too long.



Enjoy the Mediterranean taste and flavor. For Lunch, Moules Marinieres, seafood paella.

For dinner, try thye specialty, fish (from the ice display) cooked in rock salt, oven baked. Smart casual/ Reservations accepted.




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